WBTV's Eric Thomas and Ashley Stroehlein visit NASCAR Hall of Fame

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Ashley Stroehlein learned WBTV's Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas had not been to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, she had to take him.

The two recently got a tour of the hall, where they learned all sorts of interesting things. Thomas was soaking up all the information he could, and even tried out some of the museum's exhibits.

He enjoyed learning about the evolution of the race car and was surprised by the angle at which the cars make their turns.

Thomas also learned that asphalt isn't quite as simple as it seems. In fact, most tracks have a unique surface that's not used at any other track throughout the season.

Stroehlein and Thomas then made their way through a hauler that was just like the one the teams use.

Finally, the two tried out the museum's  racing simulator. Thomas talked a little smack before the race, but neither of them fared very well in the end. Both drivers were involved in a wreck caused by other competitors.

Both finished strong, with Thomas edging out Stroehlein by a couple of spots. Their day ended in victory lane, but Stroehlein is poised to try again now that she has some experience under her belt.

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