Crime Stoppers: Attempted ATM robbery foiled

Crime Stoppers: Attempted ATM robbery foiled

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Automatic teller machines outside banks are usually safe during daylight hours. But that's not always the case.

A woman using an ATM in Myers Park actually foiled an attempted robbery in broad daylight.

Surveillance shows her drive up and make her transaction. Before she's finished, a man sneaks up, taps on her window, and tries to open her passenger side door. It's locked, so he races around to the driver's side - but she floors it to get away.

"She sees a shadow to the right," said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey. "She looked to the right and there he was knocking on the window and trying to open the door."

"This guy's whole purpose was to rob whoever came up next, and she happened to be the person who came up next," the detective added.

Detective Roddey believes her locked door and a dose of fear may have saved her.

"She immediately screamed when he tried to get in and knocked on the door. He had a black pistol in his hand. She screamed and hauled off."

That scream was heard by a nearby witness who saw the crook run away.

"The screams probably scared the mess out of him. He knew right then he had to get away," Roddey explained. "He ran to Cottage Place where another vehicle was waiting and he jumped in the passenger's seat and they took off."

Still pictures show a man with blonde hair and a blonde mustache wearing a bandana. His attempted stick-up was thwarted by a woman who did everything right.

"Foiled by the lady having the doors locked, which is important, and secondly by hauling tail out of there. And by screaming to let people know."

That car he left in was a gray or silver sedan. The woman left her card in the ATM, but fortunately, she had completed her transaction and it was returned to her.

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