BLOG: NBA Finals better live up to the hype

BLOG: NBA Finals better live up to the hype

The eve of the NBA Finals and we are where we thought we would be.

We expected Cleveland vs Golden State and after 46 days of the boring NBA playoffs, we finally get the main event.

All I have to say is, this thing better be worth the wait.  If it produces no drama, this will be hands down, the worst NBA season of all time.

From a local stand point, the All Star Game got taken from Charlotte.  So no memorable moment there.

We were all wondering if Russell Westbrook would average a triple double for the entire season, but beyond that, what else was there?

And if you thought the regular season was a snoozer, the NBA playoffs have been worse.

These days, if you want any playoff drama, you have to watch the NHL playoffs.  This is a sad state for the NBA.

Golden State went thru the playoffs and did not lose one game... a perfect 12-0.

Cleveland only lost one game...  12-1.

This is setting a dangerous trend for the NBA if it continues.

Teams dominating the championships in the NBA is nothing new.  This game has been built on that fact of teams going back to back with titles.  But in most cases, they got a little resistance on their way to the "ship."  To have a playoffs where the champs of each conference are not even pushed is not good for the league.

And with the way things are set up now, Cleveland and Golden State may meet in the finals the next 3 years and could run rough shot over the league in the process.  If that is the case, what is the reason to watch if you aren't a Warriors or Cavs fan?

So here we are.  Cleveland vs Golden State and they better produce something classic.

My prediction is Warriors in 6 games.  For the health of the league, I hope they are all classics.  If they aren't, once again I ask, what is the reason to watch?

When do the Stanley Cup playoffs continue?


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