Cabarrus County home destroyed in two-alarm fire

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - A two-story home was destroyed in a two-alarm fire in Cabarrus County Wednesday afternoon.

The fire occurred around 3:40 p.m. at a home in the 11600 block of Baystone Place in Concord.

The Harrisburg Fire Department tweeted that a second alarm was sounded around 3:46 p.m.

Multiple crews responded to the scene, according to Harrisburg Fire.

Jennifer Webb said she was driving through the area when she noticed flames coming from one of the homes.

"I looked over and I saw their garage door opening and closing with smoke coming out of it and I looked closer and saw flames in the front windows of the garage," said Webb.

She said she noticed vehicles parked in the garage so she figured someone was in the house. She rushed up to the front door to get them out.

"(I) went to the front of the house banged on their door, opened their door, screamed for them to come out and they were looking for their daughter. They didn't know where their daughter was," explained Romero.

She said the family eventually came out of the house and the daughter was safely located outside of the home.

Firefighters said the home going up in flames so quickly made this fire difficult to fight.

"When it gets a head start on us like that it can make it challenging to get in there and put a good stop on things," said Dave Bradshaw of the Harrisburg Fire Department.

Crews have not said what started the fire.

Friends of the family created a GoFundMe page to help "with donations in the form of cash, gift cards and clothing."

Webb hopes that her community will be able to help the family whose home burned down.

"I just feel really bad, but I know in this neighborhood we all rally so we will help them get everything back together. We do this as a neighborhood. It's the greatest neighborhood on Earth," said Webb.

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