The perfect car hacks from Toyota of N Charlotte

The perfect car hacks from Toyota of N Charlotte
Toyota convenience tips
Toyota convenience tips

Whether it's for food prep or makeup, who doesn't love a few good hacks? Have you ever thought about some for your car? Toyota of N Charlotte has you covered with car hacks to make your life easier. Don't worry, the relationship with your car will improve thanks to these hacks.

N Charlotte hacks for your vehicle

When you think of all the things that you do with your car, it's probably a lot more than you originally thought. We've selected a few categories to pick car hacks for you to enjoy. Hopefully you'll be able to implement at least some of them toward your N Charlotte vehicle.


  • Cleaning your headlights – If you realize your headlights are looking a little cloudy but don’t have any cleaner on hand, there’s an easy fix! Toothpaste can help defog your headlights and make sure they shine bright.
  • Getting stickers off your window – Sometimes car window stickers are in the way and are too stubborn to remove with just your hands. One of our suggested car hacks is to use a piece of newspaper that was soaked with warm and soapy water, and place it on the sticker for 10 minutes before scrubbing it off with the same piece.

Interior and organization

  • In-car trash can – We always manage to get trash inside of our N Charlotte vehicles. Instead of buying a mini trash can, we suggest using a plastic cereal container. You can even line it with a plastic grocery bag to always keep your car clean.
  • DIY phone holder – Are you a utilizer of your phone’s GPS? This is the car hack for you. All you need is a simple rubber band! Loop the rubber band through your air vent and slip your phone right in. It’ll keep a tight grip on your phone while you use its GPS function to navigate inside and outside of N Charlotte.


  • Avoid dings in your door – Do you have to park your car close to a garage wall? Cut a pool noodle in half and fasten it to your garage wall so there is a cushion for your door to hit. Though, our body shop will gladly repair any dings you might already have.
  • Always find the perfect spot – Sometimes you get that perfect spot when parking your car. Most of the time you’re never that lucky. Hang a tennis ball by a rope on the ceiling to signify where the perfect spot is, alerting you when you’ve driven too far by the ball touching your windshield.

Car hacks while you’re on the road

Not only has our N Charlotte dealership come up with hacks for strictly your car, there's some for when you're on the road, too!

  • No more motion sickness – Tilt your head a bit to avoid the feeling of motion sickness.
  • Keep dinner warm on the way home – This for those with Toyota technology that includes heated seats. This car hack has you turn on the heated seat function of your passenger seat, placing your dinner right on the seat to keep it nice and warm on the drive home.

Looking for cars that are user friendly? Visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road Exit 23 off I-77 in Huntersville.