WBTV Investigates: Failing Our Veterans

(WBTV) - Is America doing enough to help our local heroes? Many of them will tell you no.

Since 2016, WBTV's Investigative team has uncovered a long list of failures at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. WBTV Investigates is recounting some of the problems within the system designed to care solely for those who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting Americans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) duties include meeting the health care needs of those who served. The agency also assists with educational and vocational opportunities as well as providing home loans and burial services for Veterans and their families.

But some local veterans say they've been left without access to the health care and benefits they are not only entitled to but they desperately need. Sadly, some veterans died without accountability inside the department until WBTV Investigates started digging for answers.

WBTV's Investigative reporter Nick Ochsner and producer Corey Schmidt have been exposing problems with the VA for more than a year.

In WBTV Investigates: Failing Our Veterans, anchor Jamie Boll helps tell stories from of a grieving widow doesn't want another family to suffer like she has to problems with the VA Choice Program. It was created to give veterans access to care faster but it's proving to be a slow process.

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