WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Honoring Those Who Died for Us

"Speak Out" is an expression of opinion from the Editorial Board of WBTV, and is presented by General Manager, Scott Dempsey.

Throughout our nation's history, we have had periods of military conflict.
Our intentions have been noble – from protecting our own shores to defending the oppressed and embattled in other lands.
And for the most part, our side has prevailed.

But you've heard it said before - and it really is true - freedom IS not free.
The sad truth is that in war, young men and young women die…thousands of them…many still teenagers.
Those WHO fight and perish are not just names or numbers. They're our children…our husbands and wives…brothers and sisters…friends and neighbors.

These brave men and women voluntarily sign up to serve their country…to protect the lives and liberties not only of their fellow Americans, but for citizens of foreign nations, as well.
They know that when they hit the jungles of Vietnam, the sands of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan, they may never return home.
And yet they go…and suffer…and too often die…with courage, valor, and selfless determination.

American troops have fought for the ideals they believe in since the Revolutionary War, and no doubt will for centuries to come.
They lay down their lives so that we may live free.
On this Memorial Day, we remember and salute those who have fallen.

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