Family loses young mother to breast cancer eight months after baby is born

(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)
(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A beautiful tribute to a Rutherford County woman who touched countless people took place in her local church on Friday evening.

Amy Warlick passed away early Monday morning after a fierce battle with breast cancer.

But what made Amy's battle unique was that she was diagnosed with breast cancer right after learning that she was pregnant. Her baby boy, Graham, is now 8 months old.

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Hundreds of people signed their names Friday as they entered the Rutherford County Church to celebrate the woman who'd left her own mark on so many of them.

"She made you want to be a better person," Amy's friend, Megan Bumgarner, said.

Jeremy Warlick walked into his high school sweetheart's funeral holding their little boy, Easton. Behind him, Amy's mom carried baby Graham, who likely won't remember the woman who battled cancer while carrying him.

"Amy put up the best fight of any girl I've ever seen in my life. Why she's gone at 29 I don't know and I'll never know. But I'm proud to say that we're proud to call her our daughter," Amy's dad said.

Six days after hearing the two terrible words - breast cancer - she heard a wonderful one - pregnant. For more than a year, Amy fought hard for her boys.

"She loved them," Amy's great Aunt, Pamela Coverdale, said. "She sacrificed for them with a willing heart."

But she also fought for the man she's loved since she was just 13, and the parents who shared her with so many.

"They were truly soulmates, and when he spoke of her you saw that love," Amy's dad said.

As Easton held onto his mother's funeral program, the church held onto Amy's memory.

"They'll know she was the strongest, strongest woman I've ever known, that any of us have ever known," Amy's friend, Zoey Willis, said.

Amy Warlick may no longer be with the ones she loved most, but they carry on knowing she's exactly where she's supposed to be.

"I can tell you that my daughter is in heaven tonight," Amy's mom said.

In memory of Amy, a savings account has been made for each of her sons, Easton Warlick and Graham Warlick. Donations can be made in either of their names at Wells Fargo, 330 West Main Street, Forest City, NC 28043.

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