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Tips to protect your car's appearance against bugs and pollen in N Charlotte

Auto detailing tips to fight against pollen and bugs

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Summertime is just around the corner so that means weeks of going to the pool, getting a tan, bugs, and pollen. What? Bugs and pollen aren’t as fun as the first two? You’re right. Toyota of N Charlotte wants to make sure that your car is protected from these threats, as they can prove to be quite detrimental to its overall appearance. So follow along with these auto detailing tips so you can actually enjoy your summer!

Auto detailing to combat bugs and pollen

Maybe pollen and bugs don’t seem like much of a threat to you. They’ll occasionally get washed away or the rain will knock off anything stuck to your car. However, leaving pollen and bugs on your car for more than two weeks can cause damage that starts becoming expensive to fix. To avoid that, here are some auto detailing suggestions to prevent having to spend more.

  • Pollen. Luckily removing pollen from the exterior of your car isn’t that hard of a task. You can even do a basic car wash by hand to clean it up. However, once it gets inside it becomes an auto detailing nightmare. The easiest way to remove pollen from the interior of your N Charlotte vehicle’s interior is by using a carpet cleaner specifically made for car interiors. Not only will it remove the pollen, but it’ll clean up any other irritant that is lurking around.
  • Bugs. While bugs are a nuisance when enjoying the outdoors, your car would probably hate them just as much. Bugs are terrible for a car’s paint job. This is especially said if you drive on the interstates and highways. Hitting a bug at a high speed causes them to explode on your car, splattering adhesive proteins and enzymes all over your car as they decompose. The longer you leave a bug on there, the harder it will take to get them off. We recommend soaking the area before you begin hand scrubbing them off. Soaking helps loosen the bugs from the vehicles so you don’t accidently remove paint when scrubbing. Remember; always try to get bugs off your vehicle quickly with a N Charlotte auto detailing.

Keep your car in the best shape in N Charlotte

Maybe you’re not sure if you can do a good enough job auto detailing your vehicle yourself. Or maybe you’re worried about your allergies flaring up when cleaning your car. No worries! You can let the professionals handle it at Toyota of N Charlotte. Our team will make sure to do such a good auto detailing job it will make you think you have a new car.

Come visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to get an auto detailing. Our service center is open Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (888) 387-1214.


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