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Changes made to Ramsey Creek Park, neighbors still concerned

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Ramsey Creek Beach, one of Mecklenburg County's only public beaches on Lake Norman, is set to open Saturday, a week earlier than its opening last year.

Visitors will notice some changes this year not only to parking but to security and traffic flow. The county estimates that more than 60,000 people visited the beach in its first year.

“I think it helps the community. It is a place for people to go and relax, bring their families and enjoy a peaceful day,” said Mike Barry, a beach visitor.

Fifty new parking spaces have been added to the park to help with crowds. There will be two security cameras that monitor the beach at all times. 

Park Rangers and Cornelius Police officers will also post more signs this year telling drivers to stay off of private property. That became a major issue last year when residents that live along Nantz Road said they had people parking and picnicking in their yards.

“It was mass chaos,” said Brad Chambers, who lives on Nantz Rd. “Had a lady changing her baby’s diaper in my yard.”

Chambers said his yard also became a popular parking lot.

“Literally, people taped money with notes on my door thanking me for the parking space,” said Chambers.

According to the city and residents that live nearby, a new traffic signal that has been operating for nearly ten weeks at Catawba Avenue and Nantz Rd will be a big help.

“We were trapped 100%. We could not get in or out of our neighborhood, let alone our driveways. And not having that traffic light made things 10,000 times worse,” said Chambers.

Some residents are not taking any chances. Several people have placed orange cones blocking off their driveways, or even their streets, in hopes of keeping people out.

Police say more signs will be posted along Nantz Rd advising drivers that they cannot park on private property.

Free shuttle service will operate between the Huntersville-Northcross Park and Ride and the beach from Saturday, May 20, to Labor Day weekend. Those that ride the shuttle will get beach access for free.

“I do not expect there to be any difficulty whatsoever this year,” said Chambers.

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