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West Meck HS teachers say there's a state of emergency at the school

(Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV) (Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV)
(Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV) (Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV)
(Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV) (Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV)
(Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV) (Source: Dedrick Russell | WBTV)

Some West Mecklenburg High School teachers are fearful of retaliation from school administration for expressing their concerns, which then led to a group of teachers to write a letter about their frustrations.

The letter reads, "We are in an emergency. Please Help."  The letter then goes on to state that "the school is falling apart."  The letter is from a veteran teacher and nearly eight other teachers who believe kids are missing out on a great education because of constant disruptions at the school.

Brian Wiley's niece attends West Mecklenburg High and tells him what goes on at the school.

"Lots of fights that go on," Wiley said. "And the last incident - I think the teacher was hospitalized."

There is cellphone video of that teacher getting assaulted after trying to break up a fight between students at the school. 

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"I asked her does she feel safe," Wiley said. "She says she feels OK, but she say it's just always something going on up here."

The group of teachers also wrote that students often go off campus to smoke marijuana and are allowed to return to class.  The teachers then wrote students who smoke marijuana are sent to In School Suspension (ISS) until the scent wears off before going back to class.  The teachers also claim there are about 10 students who are always in the hallways skipping class. 

Casey Jones is the principal of West Mecklenburg High School. Jones read the later and questions it.

"I think the letter is not a good indication of the work that happens at West Meck campus on a daily basis," Jones said.

Jones also wonders why the teachers didn't reach out.

"We do operate like a family," the principal said. "So if there is a teacher that's in crisis that needs support, there is more than enough staff members that will jump in to support that teacher." 

More than 1700 students attend West Mecklenburg High School, and administrators admit there are a few repeat offenders who are considered troublemakers. The school said they are getting support for for those students to try and improve conditions at the school.

Several other West Mecklenburg High School teachers say the letter doesn't make sense to them. 

"While this might be one part of the population, there are lots of other good things that come in here and this is not the overall reflection that takes place at this school," Stephen Ford said, who is a teacher at West Mecklenburg High School. 

Teachers also wrote that they believe things have gone too far and say things are getting worse. They hope their written word will make a positive change at the school, while the school board member Thelma Byers-Bailey, who represents the school, received a copy of the letter.

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