Crime Stoppers: Quick-draw robbery at Charlotte motel

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) say they have seen fewer hotel and motel stick-ups recently, but one they have seen really stands out.

It is one of the fastest robberies we've seen on surveillance. Two men enter the lobby of the Comfort Inn Suites on University City Boulevard near midnight. Both are heavily disguised.

One stops at the front counter, and in one motion swings around and pulls a gun from his pocket, aiming it at the clerk.

"I'm quite sure the clerk was surprised," said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey.

The clerk was forced to the ground after the pair took cash from the register and from the night deposit slips.

The gunman had a hood over his head.

"Right," said the detective, "and what looks like a mask over his face and some shades."

The second man was ambling slowly.

"And he's pretty much the lookout guy," Roddey explained.

Not only was the gun drawn lightning fast, the whole crime from start to finish took just 21 seconds. Police say they haven't seen this pair of crooks before.

"I think this is a one-time appearance," The detective said. "There's no trend set with these robberies. Just two particular guys, and they seem kind of tall and slim, both about the same height. We think this might be solo opportunity here."

But why did they pick this hotel to rob?

"It's kind of hidden. Once you go out this way you're right there on University City Boulevard. You can go left or right and get to [Interstate] 85 or make your way to [Interstate] 77, so it's pretty good access."

And good access is what draws criminals to a particular place. If you are drawn towards earning a reward, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and you won't have to leave your name.

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