Company continues to review I-77 toll lane contract

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mercator Advisors continues their review of the I-77 toll lane project contract as they continue to look for ways it could be changed.

In April, the state announced they hired the consulting group to review the contract after criticism continued from residents in Mecklenburg and Iredell County.

So far, those changes could include eliminating the contract, changing the contract or buying the project completely.

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It has been reported that any changes to the current contract could cost the state of North Carolina millions of dollars.

On Wednesday, the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization received an update from Mercator Advisors about possible changes and to review public comments that were received over the past three weeks.

"There is a wide range from,  "I do not want any toll lanes at all" to just options that will endure local mobility," Jim Taylor said, a spokesperson with Mercator Advisors.

Public input will continue to take place and you can submit your concerns here.

Some people believe there is a conflict of interest with the state using Mercator.

"So as long as we are out there saying, "these are the concerns we are hearing and these are the brainstorming." There is no opportunity for bias," Taylor said.

Mercator will present their findings to the state near the end of the summer and ultimately it will be up to Gov. Roy Cooper and NCDOT on how to move forward.

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