94-year-old woman makes easy work of hard labor

Mt. Holly, NC (WBTV) - Driving down the road in Mt. Holly, I did a double take when I saw the denim-shirted grandmother on a grass mower. It's just not something you see everyday.

So I stopped to talk to the lady who hardly slowed down in the turns and mowed over hills without a moment's hesitation.

Amelia Killian has been widowed for 15 years, but she's been doing things that people wouldn't expect of her throughout her whole life.

"I grew up on an 85-acre farm and my daddy never wanted a weed, so that's where I learned to work hard," Killian said.

WBTV first met the 94-year-old last week when her speedy mowing skills literally made us stop and meet her. I decided to come back Wednesday for a surprise visit, and d ropped my jaw right when I pulled in to her driveway.

Someone had mentioned the heat was going to be approaching 90 degrees, so a woman her age might not be up for being outside.

Amelia Killian was not only outside, she was carefully plodding a 300-pound tiller through her huge garden that she'd planted herself.

"I just walk behind it. If you can walk you can use a tiller, if you can drive a car you can cut grass," Killian said.

That attitude is renowned amongst her family and friends.

The word "can't" doesn't seem to be a word she can handle. She handles her own yard work, she sews for family and friends. She's always known to be baking something to give away.

There's not much that it seems she's not willing to conquer, which she says, is why she can conquer anything, "I don't worry. I don't do much worrying. If I can't do something I just turn it over to the Lord. I guess that's what's kept me strong," Killian said.

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