Three arrested in connection to dozens of shots fired in uptown Charlotte

Antavius Gardner
Antavius Gardner
Frederick Black
Frederick Black
Sammie Benson
Sammie Benson

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three men from Memphis have been arrested in connection to nearly 100 shots that were fired in uptown Charlotte in February.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say the shooting happened the evening of Feb. 25 near an apartment complex in the 600 block of North Caldwell Street.

Multiple vehicles were hit, multiple apartment units were struck, but no injuries were reported.

Tuesday, CMPD announced 23-year-old Fredrick Black, 27-year-old Sammie Benson and 20-year-old Antavius Gardner were facing charges in connection to the case.

Black, Benson and Gardner each face six counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling/moving vehicle and one felony count of conspiracy. Police say all three men turned themselves in to police after warrants were issued for their arrest.

Police say the charges are not based on the number of rounds - but on the number of apartments and vehicles that were hit.

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A blue minivan rental involved in the shooting crashed at 9th and Caldwell had bullet holes and several guns inside, sources said.

An attorney representing one of the suspects says his client had a van but was not involved in the shooting.

"Mr Benson had rented the van, had reported it stolen but denies any involvement," Attorney Rob Corbett told WBTV. "He was in Charlotte for part of the CIAA festivities, probably left though before everything happened and, as I indicated, reported the van but he did have personal belongings inside the van when it was recovered."

Attorney Corbett says Benson about a week ago his client "realized there was a warrant for his arrest rather than prolong the process, made arrangements to travel to Charlotte to turn himself in."

The shooting happened during the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) tournament weekend, hosted in Charlotte.

It happened near the area where parties for CIAA weekend were being held, but investigators say the shooting is not related to any official CIAA-sanctioned events.

One woman who asked to remain anonymous was in her car when the shootout began. She drove away and did not find out her car had been hit until Sunday morning.

"The shooters had no concern. They're just shooting at each other. It's just senseless," the woman said.

Investigators initially believed the shooting was a planned ambush attack and are investigating whether a rapper is linked to the shooting.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 or visit the Crime Stoppers mobile app website at

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