BLOG: If the Charlotte Hornets get a top 3 pick, what should they do with it?

BLOG: If the Charlotte Hornets get a top 3 pick, what should they do with it?

Can the Charlotte Hornets actually catch a break Tuesday night in the NBA Draft Lottery?  More than likely, NO!  But if by chance the ping pong balls fall their way and they get a top 3 pick, I say trade, Trade, TRADE!

Right now, the Hornets are slatted to pick 11th and there is a 90% chance that will stay the same after Tuesday's lottery.

They only have a .8% chance to get the #1 pick.  Yes, .8%!  Not even a full 1% chance.  But the optimist in me says, "there is a chance."

They have a .9% chance to get the 2nd pick and a 1.2% chance to move to the 3rd pick.

The team has a 6.3% chance to move to the 12th pick if Detroit, Denver, or Miami moves up.  Crazy right!  They have a better chance of moving back in the draft than to move up to the top 3.  What a kick in the gut that would be to this franchise and Buzz City?

Even when the team had a chance to land the #1 pick in 2012 after having the worst winning percentage of any team in NBA history, they ended up with the #2 pick.  Yes, New Orleans got Anthony Davis.  I still shake my head at that one.

The 2017 NBA Draft is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory so even if they don't move up, they should get a nice young player.  But more young talent (potential) is NOT what this franchise needs.  Let's face it, that player more than likely will not help this team in 2017-18.

Even if this current roster comes back and gets back to 2015-16 form, it isn't a championship caliber squad.  They may win a first round series, but that may be the ceiling.

Time for the Charlotte Hornets to move toward championship status.

I think the only way for this team to truly improve is to put together a block buster trade to get a superstar to pair with Kemba Walker.  Easier said than done, but it can be done with the right bait.  A top 3 pick would certainly sweeten the pot.

Yes, that means taking a chance or a big risk.  They are salary cap strapped right now so the only way to get things done is via trade.  The Hornets have some nice pieces on the roster.  They have future first round draft picks.  Time to play, "Let's make a deal."

What do you have to lose?  Time to swing for the fences and if you miss, you just missed.  At least you tried.

Who can they land?  That is another blog.  Right now, the point is to take a risk.

Maybe, the Hornets will get lucky tonight and move into the top 3.  They can then use that asset to get a great veteran that can push this franchise to be playing on the same day the NBA Lottery is taking place in the future.

Challenging for a championship can happen, but the Hornets have to take chances at this point.  Or they can stand pat and be in the same spot for many years to come and at this point, NO ONE wants to see that.


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