Lincoln County man wins $150,000 in Powerball jackpot

Lincoln County man wins $150,000 in Powerball jackpot

LINCOLN, NC (WBTV) - A Lincoln County man won the state's Powerball lottery Saturday, according to officials from the North Carolina Education Lottery.

Officials with the NC Education Lottery said Friday that 53-year-old Gregory Errthum, of Denver, won the lottery by using the same numbers he'd been playing for nearly 32 years.

Errthum told NC Education Lottery officials that he never lost faith in his "lucky" numbers. "My lucky numbers of 11 and 21 kept hitting," Errthum said. "I knew I was going to hit it soon. I just knew it."

According to state officials, Errthum bought the winning $3 Power Play ticket at the Buffalo Shoals Hardware & Supermarket on Buffalo Shoals Road in Newton.

Officials with the NC Education Lottery said Errthum's numbers matched four white balls and the Powerball to win $50,000. The prize tripled when the multiplier was drawn.

"My dream is to live life a little more comfortably," Errthum told officials with the NC Education Lottery. "I've been working long days my whole life, taking care of two children, three stepchildren, and grandchildren. It feels good to finally win some zeros."

According to a spokesperson with the NC Education Lottery, Errthum claimed his prize Thursday in Raleigh and took home $104,252 after the required state and federal withholdings.

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