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Molly's Kids: Time to see if Lauren Hawking can fly...

Lauren Hawking (Source: Photo courtesy of family) Lauren Hawking (Source: Photo courtesy of family)

It’s time for Lauren Hawking to spread her wings and see if she can fly.

That’s what her mom Anne says. She wrote an hour ago.

“After many, many doctor appointments, overnight hospital stays, tests, procedures and surgery, Lauren is scheduled for her trial decannulation tomorrow,” Anne Hawking said. “Time to see if she is finally ready to be done with her trach tube.”

This could be a potentially huge milestone for the 3-year-old from Charlotte who battles cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is legally blind.

It could, Anne says, open up more possibilities for what she can do developmentally in her daily life. “We’ll let you know how it goes Friday, but wanted to make sure you knew. You always say ‘keep us updated!’. I wanted to deliver on that request!”



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