BLOG: Hottest day yet?

BLOG: Hottest day yet?

(WBTV) - It could be!

Thursday's forecast high is 88°. That would make it the hottest day so far this year... the hottest day since last October! (By the way, the average high is 78°.)

So far, the highest temperature at the Charlotte airport has been 87°. We reached that on April 21st. We also hit that target this afternoon. I thought it would be cool to see the highest temperatures for the past few months. I was a little surprised by a few of them.

  • January - 78°
  • February - 80°
  • March - 86°
  • April - 87°
  • May - 87°

Does it surprise anyone else that we've hit 80° each month since February? Even January got up to 78°!

The next milestone is when we hit 90° for the first time. The last time we hit 90° was September 26 of 2016. It has been a while... Are you ready? 90 isn't in the forecast just yet but the projected high for next Wednesday is 89°. We'll see what happens and keep you posted! In the meantime - stay cool!

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