SLIDESHOW: Banned license plates in North Carolina

SLIDESHOW: Banned license plates in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - More than 7,400 words, names, acronyms and initials have been banned by the state of North Carolina from appearing on a vanity license plate.

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles, which maintains the list, says the state began cataloging banned plates in 1996. Other plates were added when the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators shared a list of banned tags in other states.

In many cases, the state's reason for a ban seems obvious. Hundreds of banned plates include letters or numbers that spell out curse words, sex acts or private body parts.

WBTV has been looking at the lists since 2014 and has been sharing some of the banned words with you. Monday, WBTV obtained the most recently updated list from state DMV officials.

Some of these license plates deal with more political issues, such as guns, race, religion, sexual identity and presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Plates such as RESIST45 and 0BAMADIE were rejected by state officials.

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It wasn't all political though - sports teams in North Carolina were facing some heat with IH8HEELS, NCSU F-U and SCRUD00K among those rejected.

John Brockwell, a communications officer with the Division of Motor Vehicles, told The Charlotte Observer that a committee reviews the applications for vanity plates. He did not explain the guidelines the committee uses to reject the plates.

North Carolina law says the division may refuse to issue a tag that "might carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency."

The state has added 2,500 plates to the banned list since mid-2015.

Officials say sometimes things slip by the Special Plates Unit and end up on the road. In such cases, it's the public that raises an objection, she says. On average, the state receives five to 15 such written complaints a year.


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