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Cause of death released for 17-month-old who died in September

Carver (Source: Alexander County Sheriff's Office) Carver (Source: Alexander County Sheriff's Office)

Documents released Monday shed more light on the death of a 17-month-old child from September.

The child, Camden Hudson, was airlifted to a Charlotte hospital on September 23, 2016. He died at the hospital three days later. The boyfriend of the child's mother, 25-year-old Justin Carver, is facing first-degree murder charges. 

Police said Carver was watching the child on Sept. 23, and called 911 to report that the child was injured. 

"He fell off the couch and hit his head," he told the operator. "He's acting funny."

According to the documents, Carver told police he was in the shower when Hudson's 3-year-old brother said the 17-month-old was unresponsive. Carver found the child on the living room floor and gave him a bath before taking him to his grandmother's house.

Medical teams were dispatched to the home of Carver's grandmother. According to Sheriff Chris Bowman, once crews saw the injuries, they suspected it was no accident.

"They knew right off the bat," said Bowman in September. "His [Carver's] story changed two or three times."

Officials said the child died from the head injury, but did not go into details about how exactly he sustained it. 

Bowman said there were other bruises on the child's body, but no indication as to how they got there.

According to the autopsy released Monday, Hudson died from "hypoxic/ischemic injury of the brain due to acute subdural hematoma with cerebral edema due to blunt force injury of the head."

The document states the child had "several bruises on his body appearing to be human bite marks and other bruises consistent with lash marks were on his lower legs."

Carver was eventually charged with child abuse and placed in the Alexander County Detention Center. After the child died, the charges were upgraded to first-degree murder.

Carver, said the sheriff, has no significant criminal record. He met the child's mother online and the two were living together for about three months.

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