BLOG: Really? Drought's over?

BLOG: Really? Drought's over?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I can't remember the last time the WBTV viewing area wasn't at least in the lowest category of drought on the NC Drought Monitor. We're back to "normal" if not "above normal" again!

Before we get too excited, our South Carolina counties aren't totally out of the woods. Parts of Chester and York are still in the "Abnormally Dry" range. Still, as a whole, this is the best we've looked in a while. Look at the maps. No color means you're not in any drought category. The yellow means "Abnormally Dry".

After last week's rain, we finally made it back to the plus side in rainfall for the year. We're in good shape right now… until another dry snap returns. (We know that could pick back up at any time in the Carolinas). So far this May, we've picked up 1.39" at the airport in Charlotte. We've gotten rain on four of the past seven days.

Here's the next step… it doesn't look like we're heading for another dry stretch right now. Monday should be dry but there is at least a chance for rain Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It may not be widespread any of those days but any chance is good. By Friday, there's a good chance for more decent widespread rainfall totals.

Hopefully we can keep this up as we head into the hot summer months!

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