Boy not allowed on class trip to ballpark gets 4 tickets from stranger

Boy not allowed on class trip to ballpark gets 4 tickets from stranger

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "I'm feeling happy and blessed." Those were the words from Julius Hall Friday night when I presented him with four tickets to Saturday's Charlotte Knight's game at BB&T Ballpark.

We first met the Ranson Middle School student Thursday when Education Reporter Dedrick Russell explained how the 6th grader was not allowed to go on a field trip with classmates.

Hall's great aunt, Novella Townsend, says her great nephew was excited to go to BB&T Ballpark with his classmates.

"That morning he was up a 7 a.m.," Townsend said. "School didn't start until 9 a.m. He was up bathed, dressed - tried on all different types of outfits to go."

But Hall wasn't allowed to go to the Knight's game with his class.

The student says he turned in his permission slip and his $10 fee on time. But the school staff told Hall he couldn't go because he had not turned in the paperwork or money. Hall says he told staff he had already done so.

"They didn't believe," Hall said. "I kept on telling them that I paid my money and turned in my permission slip."

"What really hurt Julius the most is when those buses pulled off and he wasn't able to go," Townsend said.

Once the students arrived at the stadium, Hall says school staff discovered his paperwork and money.

"I'm mad because that wasn't fair," Hall said.

After our story aired on WBTV News at 6 p.m., the kind folks at BB&T Ballpark said they wanted to make sure Julius Hall got to a game, and said they would give tickets to him.

Soon after I posted the story on my Facebook page, you responded in private messages and in comments on the story.

That's where I saw the offer from Jeremy Bess, who is also a Knight's fan.

Bess wrote, "If he wants to go Saturday night, I'll give him four more tickets."

I called Julius' great aunt right away.

"It's Charlotte, it's Charlotte, we have one of the warmest cities in North Carolina," she said, almost breathless over the news.

"Every time there is a story on the news, it never fails that people stand up to help others, that is why I love the people of this town," she said.

Today, despite difficulty getting around after back surgery, Novella brought her great nephew, whom she is raising, to WBTV Studios. After long hugs, I gave young Julius an envelope with four tickets to Saturday's game.

"Blessed. Remember Julius, remember, this is a blessing," Novella said wiping tears.

Thanks for always being the best viewers in the world. You never cease to amaze me.

You always come through, as Novella said, with no pun intended, "Charlotte always comes to bat!"

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) responded to this story and sent WBTV a statement.

We are unable to speak about any specific situation involving any CMS student but can share overall:  
There would be legitimate reasons why a student would not be able to participate in a school activity. The parent of any student who is unable to participate in a school activity should contact the school leadership about outlined behavioral expectations for participation.

Townsend says school leaders have said nothing about this incident and they have not returned her nephew's money.

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