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VIDEO: Dog missing after 485 crash reunited with owner


For Lauren Etz, her morning started with a phone call and the news she’d been praying to hear for the last five days.

“I think we have your dog,” said a woman who lives on Stowe Acres Dry in North Charlotte.

Tanner ran away last Sunday after the car Lauren was driving was involved in a rollover accident on 485 near Mallard Creek Road.

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For 5 days, dozens of volunteers scoured thick woods surrounding the area. Volunteers came out in droves to help reunite the missing golden doodle with his mom.

Friday morning, two young boys, Christian and Santiago, spotted Tanner walking outside their home. “We were sitting in the house and I saw him through the window,” Santiago said.

“Typically, lost dogs do come in our yard since it’s by the woods,” Christian said.

The two boys grabbed a leash and captured Tanner.

Lauren, who lives in Mooresville, had to fight her way through rush hour traffic to get to her beloved best friend.

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Just before 9 a.m., Tanner was a tired-looking pile on the ground, until Lauren pulled up and got out of her car. The next few minutes were a mess of tears, baby talk, and pure joy. Not to mention the love between owner and dog that was truly palpable as Tanner hopped and licked his mother’s face.

It was an outcome Lauren said she never doubted, and she offers thanks to the dozens of people who helped her search for her best friend.

“Thank you so much to the two boys who found him and stayed with him. I know you were late for school, but thank you for saving my dog,” she said.

What a great way to start a Friday.

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