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NC craft beer shop donating Wicked Weed sales to charity after InBev sale

(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV) (Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)

Charlotte is passionate about its craft beer, and some in the tight-knit community are turning their back on one of their Asheville neighbors.

Wednesday, Wicked Weed Brewery announced their sale to Anheuser-Busch, owned by the Belgium corporation InBev.

Wicked Weed is typically a big seller inside Brawley's Beverage, but owner Michael Brawley tells WBTV that will soon change.

“We immediately knew what we were going to do. There was no decision to make. We don’t sell Budweiser, InBev products,” he said.

Brawley's business off Park Road is all about selling craft beer. He says that craft title is taken away when a brewery is purchased by a large foreign company.

“They have no love for small businesses like mine, They’re basically about the bottom dollar,” he said. 

Wicked Weed's sale to InBev is the 10th craft brewery the beverage giant has acquired in the United States. 

As soon as the news broke, Brawley decided to mark down the bottles he had in the shop to 50 percent off and run the kegs dry. Everything they make from Wicked Weed sales going will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

“We don’t share values with that company and we will not do business with them or anyone affiliated with them,” he said. 

Others are following suit. Charlotte’s Wooden Robot Brewery announced they’ll be pulling out of an upcoming Wicked Weed Invitational.

Brawley admits the changes won't come without loss. He usually purchases around one to two thousand bucks in beer from Wicked Weed every every week. But he says a temporary financial hit will be worth it. 

“If the place you buy beer chooses to sell wicked weed in the future, it will tell you something about that store. It means they’re not a craft beer store,” he said. 

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