Dozens of strangers help search for dog missing after Charlotte wreck

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Even though she was bruised, battered and hit her head in the crash, Lauren Etz refused to be transported to the hospital. She couldn't leave the scene where her precious golden doodle Tanner ran away.

On Sunday night, Lauren was involved in a rollover crash on Interstate 485 near the Prosperity Church Road exit. Etz's dog, Tanner, was in the car and took off after the car came to a stop.

"He goes everywhere with me. I'm single, I don't have kids, he's my entire life," Etz said.

Since Sunday, dozens of total strangers have come out hoping to help reunite Etz with her dog. A man who operates a professional drone service has come out to help eight times, hoping to catch an aerial glimpse of the blonde dog.

People have pored through the woods hoping their efforts will help mend Etz's broken heart and bring Tanner home.

The dog has been spotted a few times near the scene of the crash. On Thursday afternoon, a woman who'd seen the postings on social media spotted Tanner near Mallard Creek Drive and I-485.

Tanner has proven difficult to catch. Etz warns anyone who is searching for him to not call his name or chase him.

Etz says sightings should be reported to her at (910) 209-5733. Etz says she's more than grateful for all of the support she's gotten and has hope it will help bring her baby home.

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