Are attacks being planned at Bunker Hill High School?

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - More videos of students assaulting their classmates at Bunker Hill High School have surfaced.

One video shows a student attacking another in the head in the cafeteria. The other shows a student body slamming another to the ground.

The Catawba County School District confirms the videos were shot inside the school - one in October 2016 and the other in February 2017. The district says students involved were disciplined.

The videos were sent to WBTV by students who claim the attacks were planned so classmates could record them and share it on social media. He says this type of activity happens all the time and students don't intervene. He asked for his identity not to be revealed.

"I think students can stop and put away their phones and actually do something when it happens. Stand up for someone or butt in when there's a fight," he said.

The claims come after a video was posted online last week showing a student being punched repeatedly in the head inside the school's cafeteria.

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"It makes me feel horrible to even be apart of that school to be honest," the student said.

Bunker Hill principal, Dr. Jeff Isenhour, confirms one planned attack that happened at the school recently but has not heard of any others.

He says students should tell him if this is happening at Bunker Hill so that he can address the situation and handle it.

School district leaders have been made aware of this claim of planned attacks and say the superintendent will now look into the allegations.

In the meantime, Dr. Isenhour is forming the Community Action Results and Education (CARE) committee. It will consist of parents, business and community leaders who will be assigned to come up with solutions to keep Bunker Hill students safe in the schools and address bullying.

"We've done assemblies about leadership and bullying and stuff like that and nothing has really changed after those. They've just faded away like nothing," the student said.

Dr. Isenhour says people are still being identified to serve on CARE. He says in a few days the Bunker Hill's leadership team will meet and discuss what more can be done to keep the peace at the school.

"If there's any change there it's going to be a slow gradual change," the student said.

According to Isenhour, three students have been disciplined for last week's incident. But the victim's family wants the student responsible to be expelled.

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