Lincoln County has a superhero, and she's dressed in reflective clothing

DENVER, NC (WBTV) - If you live in Denver, NC, there's a good chance you've seen her. Barely five feet five inches tall, donning yellow reflective clothing from head to toe, and walking up and down busy roads with an orange bag - that's Patty Korn.

For no money at all, the 55-year-old spends hours a day almost every single day picking up the rubbish that others so carelessly toss out the window. She's found everything from beer bottles to debit cards, and other stuff in between that you wouldn't want to know about.

Patty has been picking up litter for almost 14 years. She dodges distracted drivers, snakes, and tall grass to do it.

The question one might ask is: why?

"Because the roads look so much nicer when I'm done," Patty said. "I'm trying to get people to care, and not litter."

With that answer, it might almost seem like she enjoys the daily grind of clamping her picker-upper onto a piece of trash and depositing it into her neon orange bag. But Patty has a quick reply to that suggestion.

"Oh heck! I'd be on my bike, I'd be in my pool, I'd be taking trips and spending more time with my family and friends," Patty said.

There are tons of things she'd rather be doing other than picking up other people's trash. One of those things is spending more time with her aging parents.

"I'm the primary caregiver for my parents, and they need 24/7 care," Patty said. "I hire caregivers to come in and sit with them so I can come out here and do this."

If you've never noticed Patty's clean-up work around Denver, chances are you would if she stopped picking up litter.

But she vows not to stop - at least not while the problem is still so rampant.

She already has a superhero name: the "Litter Lady." Now all she needs is a cape.

If you'd like to help Korn offset the costs of her gear and equipment, you can visit her GoFundMe page here.

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