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Man caught 'huffing' in parking lot

Salisbury Police Department Salisbury Police Department

A Harrisburg man was charged and jailed after police say they caught him huffing from a can of dust spray in the parking lot of a local business.

According to the report, someone saw Adam Michael Bowen, 31, of Wellington Lane in Harrisburg, sitting in the driver's seat of a 2002 GMC Sonoma in the parking lot of Office Depot, 715 W. Innes Street, on Monday night just after 5:00 pm.

The witness called police, and when an officer arrived he noted that Bowen was still in the act of breathing from the can.

The officer knocked on the passenger and driver's window several times, but Bowen didn't respond.  When the officer opened the driver's door, the report notes that Bowen was incoherent, and that his arm fell to his side with his finger still pressing down on the button on top of the can.

Nine empty cans were found in the floorboard of the truck, according to the report.

Bowen was charged with inhaling fumes for the purpose of causing intoxication.  He was jailed under a $1000 bond.

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