Community group talks about CMPD officer pressing gun to man's head

Community reacts to body cam video

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Shaun Corbett with Cops and Barbers has been spending time trying to bring the community and police together.

Corbett says several things bothered him when he saw the report by WBTV Investigates showing body cam video of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer pressing a gun to a man's head, with the officer saying 'I'll kill you."

"Let's understand a situation like that could have turned out terrible. It could have been bad. That gun could have accidentally went off and then we would have had a whole another conversation," Corbett said. "Because the gun against the head could be fatal. There's no coming back from that."

Corbett acknowledges that he doesn't know all the details of the case. He says he knows what he saw in the WBTV report, but it still concerns him to hear an officer tell someone "I'll kill you" in that situation.

"You gotta remember, we're coming off the Keith Lamont thing so a situation like that – say that gun accidentally went off  - we have a whole another situation," Corbett said.

Cops and Barbers first teamed up years ago to hold town hall-style meetings in neighborhoods to bring police and the public together to talk about stereotypes, how to communicate with each other during police stops and how to de-escalate situations.

Corbett is concerned that this case may add to the divide.

"You have another person walking around in the community with a sour taste in his mouth towards law enforcement and we're trying to do the exact opposite," Corbett says. "That's just another reason to make the community and law enforcement further more separate and at the end of the day - what we're all trying to do is build that gap so when we have situations like that we have to address them."

Corbett says he would like to see a one-on-one conversation between the man who had the gun pressed against his head and the officer who did it.

"You know it wouldn't hurt anything for that officer to get the outlook from him and maybe the officer can share some stuff with him that maybe next time I wouldn't do that exactly that way," Corbett says. "Because that's what it's about because at the end of the day. We both have different perspectives of things."

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