Are you prepared? Starting a home tornado drill

Preparing for severe weather

(WBTV) - What would you do if a tornado warning was issued right now?

Kids have tornado drills in school every year. Have you had one at your house?

I know it sounds like just another thing on your to-do list but a drill could save your life. You might think you would make it to a safe place but we can't always think straight in a high-pressure situation.

Do you know for sure you wouldn't panic and make the wrong decision? What if your kids were home alone? Do you know for sure they would make it to safety?

If you've had a drill, you won't have to think things through. You can simply go straight to your safe place without hesitation.

Here are the basics to get you started:

  • Go to the lowest level of your house.
  • Go to a small room without windows. The smaller the surface area of the ceiling, the lower the chance of it falling in on you. A bathroom or closet might be a good idea.
  • Put as many walls between you and windows as possible. Flying glass is one of the biggest threats in a tornado.
  • Have the WBTV weather app for the latest details.
  • Stay put until the warning has been canceled.

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We want everyone to stay safe this severe weather season. Having a drill is a great way to start! When severe weather strikes, turn to WBTV and we'll keep you safe through the storm.

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