WBTV Speak Out Editorial: PreK-8 Schools

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: PreK-8 Schools


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To have PreK-8 schools in high poverty areas or not have them - that is the question the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board is tackling right now.

We wonder have these PreK8's run their course? After all, they weren't created to give students a better opportunity but rather save the district money during the recession a few years ago.

Since the recession is over do you leave students in a situation that appears not to be working?

Or do you give CMS more time to fix it?

The bottom line is you must give students the best education possible - no matter the zip code -

We are pleased the school board is taking a deep dive to find out what is best for students.

Test scores at those PreK-8 schools are troubling - even after administrators have tried strategy after strategy to increase them.

What more can be done?

Remember - it's all about the kids.

We understand administrators have worked very hard to improve the culture at these schools. It's working - that's why some want to keep the PreK-8's the way they are. But at the end of the day there are no grades for school culture - students are scored in reading, writing and arithmetic.

We say school board - if you do eliminate PreK 8's, please have something better for students to go to.

They deserve it.

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