Molly's Kids: Update on preemie Maggie Humphries - now a NICU graduate

Molly's Kids: Update on preemie Maggie Humphries - now a NICU graduate
(Photo courtesy of family)
(Photo courtesy of family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Update on Maggie Humphries, who we met on our Facebook live NICU tour of Levine Children's Hospital in February. I had asked her mom (a reverend with a church in Lancaster, South Carolina) to update us when she could.

Many of you have been asking about little Maggie. And when I say "little" Maggie…

Maggie was born the beginning of February weighing 1lb 9oz. She was 29 weeks. Her mom, Heather, had preeclampsia so Maggie was c-section. When we met during that NICU tour, she'd gotten up to 2lbs 4oz. In mid-March, Maggie moved out of NICU.

Cause to celebrate!

She started to try bottle feeding. On her two month birthday, Maggie weighed 4lb 8oz.

But on April 9th, Maggie caught a virus. It caused her to breathe even faster than normal and alarms to go off. Heather says her daughter was moved back to NICU. That's where she remains today.

"She seems to be over her little virus and nurses have even started to begin bottle feeding again," Heather said. "We're by her side all the time."

This past week – the week she was supposed to be born – Maggie weighed 5lb and 4oz. She's getting there.

Picture of Maggie and Minnie is adorable, Heather. I'll put the other one you sent below in comments. She's getting there.

She's getting there. I think we can even see a smile in the picture.


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