Cider Glazed Pork Cheeks

Presented by Johan Carcamo (General Manager) & Chef Brandon Mitchell, Tupelo Honey


·         6-7 oz. portion Pork Cheeks
·         4 oz. Reserved Braising Liquid- ladle
·         3 oz. Parsnip Puree
·         4 ½ oz. Pork Belly Collards
·         1 cup Parsnip Crisps


1.      Place the pork cheeks and braising liquid in a sauté pan. 
2.      On medium heat cover and let cook for one minute. 
3.      Then remove the lid and glaze the cheeks on med/high heat until the cheeks are completely glazed with approximately one ounce of sauce remaining.


1.      Spoon the parsnip puree down in the center of the large oval and make a small well in a rectangular shape. 
2.      Place the drained collards in the center of the well lengthwise. 
3.      Lay the Glazed cheeks along the collards and use the remaining sauce to drizzle around the outside of the garnish. 
4.      Top with the parsnip crisps.