Missing dog reunited with grateful owner after WBTV story airs

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A few weeks ago, Kurk Caldwell's best friend went missing right out of the yard of his Gastonia home. "Pooch" is a 4-legged part of the family.

"I think about it every day, I go riding around every day looking for him," the 66-year-old told WBTV while Pooch was still missing.

He believed the dog had been stolen, but that might not have been the case.

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The crazy story started when Pooch was discovered roaming the grounds of Hunter Huss High School, not far from where Caldwell lives. A good Samaritan called Tri-County Animal Rescue and they picked the dog up.

After making multiple attempts to find his owner, rescue owners put the dog up for adoption.

WBTV first aired the story of Caldwell's missing dog on Monday. Tuesday morning, a viewer called Tri-County Animal Rescue to tell them the dog they were adopting in fact already had an owner.

"Someone saw your story last night and called and told us they know who he belongs to," JoAnne Hager said, "So I called Mr. Caldwell and said, 'I think I have your dog.'"

After finding out that Pooch already had an owner who was desperate to be reunited, Hager met Caldwell Tuesday afternoon for the happy reunion.

It only took a moment to tell Pooch had missed his daddy.

"I'm glad, I'm happy I've got him back," Caldwell said while holding his beloved friend. "It only took a minute on TV to get him back."

Tri-County Animal Rescue had Pooch neutered and had a microchip installed. Hager says that should help if the pup ever goes missing again.

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