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BLOG: Beautiful Easter Sunday to be followed by Monday showers

(Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV) (Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV)
(Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV) (Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV)

We've had over a week straight of warm and dry weather, all culminating with our beautiful Easter weekend and Easter Sunday weather.

While we hope you're all able to enjoy a wonderful day with friends and family (and hopefully some time outside!), we do want to make you aware of some Monday weather changes and some potential wet weather on the way.

As of Easter morning, our overnight weather models have slowed down a little bit with the arrival of the showers on Monday, which would be developing with a weak front dropping in from the north. This is due to some models keeping the influence of stronger high pressure in control for most of the day Monday, thus weakening/slowing the line of showers as it tries to move in from the north in the later afternoon or evening. You'll see this on the second image on the left Futurecast, which is scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday evening. 

So while we do have scattered evening showers in the forecast, we don't foresee much thunder and lightning with these showers, let alone a severe threat.

While we do expect the showers to remain pretty tame, we'll continue to monitor the weather to determine if a First Alert Day may be needed, if it appears that the showers will be disruptive to the Monday evening commute.

Beyond that, we've got two more shots of rain coming up for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. While none of the days appears to be a washout, we've been dry for about 10 days straight, so it will be nice to get some needed rain back for a few reasons, including of course the wildfire, the pollen count and the rain deficit. 

Until then, enjoy another day of warmth and sunshine with loved ones and Happy Easter! 

- Meteorologist Lyndsay Tapases

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