West Charlotte Recreation Center reopens with $1.9 million worth of renovations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The West Charlotte Recreation Center was rededicated Wednesday. It has been closed for about a year-and-a-half as $1.9 million worth of renovations were done.

The West Charlotte Recreation center now has a new gym, a fitness center and updated meeting rooms for neighborhood meetings.

"A wonderful affirmation that this community is alive and well," Mecklenburg County Commission Chairperson Ella Scarborough said.

The recreation center reopens during the time people in the community are talking about equity. They want to make sure no matter the zip code, recreation centers offer what other facilities have. There are currently 17 recreation centers in Mecklenburg County.

Will the West Charlotte Recreation Center be like all the others?

"If you go across the county at all of our facilities, you'll see we are very equitable, that we put what a building can hold," Division Director of Community and Recreation Center Services Terri Stowers said. "What the neighborhood wants - it's really the neighborhood that drives what's in our facilities."

WBTV traveled to Berewick Recreation Center in southwest Charlotte to see what it had to offer.  They do have a preschool program that has a nice room for students with computers. Currently, the West Charlotte Recreation Center does not have that feature.

"We have to ask our staff person what is it that's not here that's not over there," Scarborough said. "And what's over there - that's not here and that people are able to recreate the same."

Berewick Recreation Center also offers youth sports, so does the West Charlotte Recreation Center. County leaders said it will be up to neighbors and staff to make sure all recreation centers are equitable.

One thing that is different is that the West Charlotte Recreation Center has a fitness center, other recreation centers don't.

Some county leaders say the recreation centers are not just about having all the bells and whistles, but it's also about saving lives.

"This is what this facility is," County Commissioner Vilma Leake said. "A safe haven for those who need this facility. It may not be all that it could be, but I am glad we have something."

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