Mall walkers: An exercise in awesomeness

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On Wednesday morning, WBTV went to Eastridge Mall in Gastonia to track down a lovely 94-year-old woman named Martha. According to an email, she's almost worn-out holes in the floor of the mall after walking there multiple times a day, for more than 10 years.

Martha was said to be spunky, kind and would make a great subject for a Good News story.

But we never found Martha.

Instead, we found an army of other older people walking circles around the mall floors, before the doors of any stores opened up. But "mall walking" isn't just for older folks, we found.

We also found several World War II veterans, a couple who witnesses to people who haven't been saved, an 80-year-old who likes to flirt and a pretty big smile to round it all out.

Mall walking may not sound like much fun to some people, but check out the video to see why I can't wait to get older.

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