America's favorite jelly bean flavor is...

America's favorite jelly bean flavor is...

(WBTV) - Bunnies, baskets, fake grass and candy... lots and lots of candy. The sweet side of Easter is just around the corner.

Most people will find a spring stable in their basket that has dozens of flavors. And that's where the trouble begins.

Jelly beans. 

According to website, 16 billion jelly beans will be eaten on Easter. Everyone has a different favorite flavor and sometimes getting your fave can be a struggle.

The site used jelly bean sales data from the last nine years and polls from SurveyMonkey and Facebook to come up with the most popular jelly bean flavors in America.

They also broke down the data to look at the most loved flavors in all 50 states.

Take a look at the findings - do you agree with the flavor choices?

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