What's better than a pregnant giraffe? A pregnant alpaca!

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Joe Porter started farming alpacas in 2003, about the same time April the Giraffe started with her pregnancy (or at least that's how it feels).

If you've never been to an alpaca farm, you're in for a treat. The animals are native to Peru and about as cute as livestock gets.

"They're really fascinating animals," Porter said.

And did we mention they're cute?

Porter just so happens to have on his farm a pregnant alpaca named Jocassee. The lady is 10 months pregnant and due to give birth within the next 30 days (that's 30 years in giraffe time).

If you think the alpacas are cute as buttons, their babies are even cuter! More cuteness than you can handle, tonight on WBTV News at 5.

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