Kings Mountain woman claims card skimmer cost her a thousand dollars

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A woman from Kings Mountain thinks her debit card information was stolen by a skimming device at a Charlotte gas station.

The woman asked WBTV not to identify her due to her current circumstances.

The woman said that she bought gas at a south Charlotte gas station in late March. She said that a week later her husband noticed $500 was withdrawn from her account on two separate occasions at Charlotte ATMs.

"We knew somebody had gotten ahold of it, but we really didn't know exactly where or how until we started investigating and putting it together," said the Kings Mountain resident.

The woman thinks a skimming device stole her card information.

"I truly believe it was from one of the card skimmers at that gas station," said the woman.

She canceled her card and filed a police report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

"It makes you angry to know that there are people out there. You're working hard for everything you have and there's people out here just taking from the hardworking people like this," said the woman.

Police have not confirmed a card skimmer was used to steal the woman's information, but she is convinced that is what happened.

She said she will no longer use a debit card at gas pumps because she doesn't want to enter her personal identification number into the devices. recommends that anyone using a card reader check to make sure the reader hasn't been tampered with before using it. The site also encourages consumers to cover their personal information when entering it into a device.

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