SC teen takes 93-year-old grandmother to prom

SC teen takes 93-year-old grandmother to prom

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WBTV) - Connor Campbell, 16 of Summerville, SC took his 93-year-old grandmother, Betty Jane Keene, to his high school prom on April 1.

Keene moved in with the Campbell family last year. Connor's mom, Jacqueline Campbell, says as they were trying to convince Keene to move to South Carolina, Connor told her it was because he was taking her to his Junior Prom. Keene had lived in Fort Myers, Florida, for 37 years and, at the time, was living alone.

After Keene moved to South Carolina, Connor asked her every month if she'd gotten her dress. Keene shrugged it off as a joke until Connor came home with a prom T-shirt in March. She knew then he wasn't playing around and she ordered her dress to match his tux.?

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Keene's daughter did her hair, makeup, and nails for the occasion. Connor told classmates of his plans to take his grandmother and his mom says they were supportive. Some even told him, "I want to sit beside her."

After the duo arrived at prom, several of Connor's classmates danced with his grandmother, as did he, and every person there – teachers included. Jacqueline Campbell says her mom came home saying she had "the best time."

She also says Keene clapped and clapped after each song the DJ played.

As for next year, Keene says she likely won't go - she says she wants him to find a girlfriend. ?

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