Molly's Kids: Wow! Mother wants to donate her daughter's expensive medical equipment

Molly's Kids: Wow! Mother wants to donate her daughter's expensive medical equipment

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Need some gently used medical equipment? Here is a remarkable offer in the spirit of one of our #MollysKids.

Brooke Cockerline died in March 2017. Her mother Alicia reached out and said she wants to donate all of Brooke's expensive medical equipment to a family who needs it or, maybe, to another one of our #MollysKids.

Alicia has nine items, including power chairs and a hospital bed, which she says are all in great working condition. The hospital bed was the most used. I've thought for days how to get this out there. I've settled on writing descriptions based on what Alicia said, along with what she estimates as its RETAIL value. If you're interested or know someone who can actually use anything here – not to just take it then try to sell -- please contact Alicia over email. Her email is

Again, she said she wants to donate each item. No cost. Just email her. (You don't need to cc- me on anything.)

This has been a lot of coordination to get together, so I hope you guys can share and help find happy homes for each of these things being donated by a mother who just lost her child. It is mind-boggling impressive that she's already trying to help others.

Alicia – you blow me away.

Happy to help. I hope this works.

DESCRIPTIONS (pictures of each item in slideshow) >>

  • ITEM 1: Sleep Safe/Hospital Bed

This bed is 4-to-5 years old. Brooke used it every night that she wasn't at the hospital. In "good condition," with a few stains on side padding.

It goes up-and-down to change height, and back legs are capable of raising and lowering just like a regular hospital bed. It also has sides that come up and lock (like a crib, which is where the name "sleep safe bed" comes from.) Alicia says it's good for kids with seizures because of the padded sides. Retails for $13,000.

  • ITEM 2: Pediatric Lift

"Brand new." Bought over two years ago but never once used. Has pediatric sling/carrier with it. Retails for $3,000.

  • ITEM 3: Pink/Black Wheelchair

Has all restraints. Tilts, reclines and with a tray. Three-years-old but Alicia says "great used condition." Many pictures that I've seen of
Brooke, she's in this chair. Retails for $15,000.

  • ITEM 4: Black/Green Wheelchair

Has all restraints. This one tilts only, and doesn't have a tray. Bought four years ago; Brooke only used it for two years. Alicia says
in "great used condition." Retails for $11,000.

  • ITEM 5: Hydraulic Stander

Very nice, sturdy stander. Alicia says it's hydraulic so it lays back for you to put a child in, then you can buckle them safely and stand
it up in different degrees depending on the child's strength. Also has a tray. Almost four-years-old, but Brooke "barely used" due to her losing strength. Retails at $6,500.

  • ITEM 6: Manatee Bath Seat

Four-years-old. "Good used condition." Retails for $5,000.

  • ITEM 7: Chill Out Chair

Can add support and mold more to the child's fit. Nice because it's a vinyl material which can be wiped off. "Looks brand new," Alicia says
because she kept it covered. Has a tray that can be shortened or raised and swings out for easy access to a child. Two-years-old. Retails for $6,000.

  • ITEM 8: Tumble Form Chair

Not sure how old it is, as it was donated to Brooke. Alicia says "used condition." Retails for $500-$1,000.

  • ITEM 9: Special Tomato Chair

Can be used as alternate seating for feeding and as a wheelchair. Has a tray and foot rest mobile base. Over four-years-old. Brooke used
it as a car seat for about a year before she required more support. "Good condition" and has a new head rest. Retails for $5,000.


Editor's note: This is about one of #MollysKids, children WBTV Anchor Molly Gr antham follows closely on her Facebook page.  It was first published there – which is why it's written in a personal way. For years Molly has followed hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles. Find this story (and updates on all #MollysKids) here.