WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Goodbye HB2


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H-B-2 is in the past FINALLY and North Carolina is out of the Bathroom Bill business. 
Thanks to the NCAA’s looming deadline, banning NCAA Events in North Carolina until at least 2020, the state House, Senate and ultimately Governor Cooper were able to reach an agreement to roll back the controversial bill.
We believe this is in the best interest of the state and we also believe it is not up to Mayors or Governors to decide how we legally identify genders.  This truly is a matter for the courts to decide.  We wish them luck.
As we know, this all started when the City of Charlotte passed a mandate that threatened private sector businesses with a fine or a 30-day jail sentence for not complying with a new gender requirement allowing transgender individuals access to their public restrooms and locker rooms, regardless of their “genetic gender.”
Some believe this was a scheme to make sure Governor McCrory would not win a second term as Governor.
Whatever the underlying reasons for the original ordinance, after months of debate and on-again off-again repeals, North Carolina Legislatures should get back to the business of governing.  There are many more critical issues facing our state. 

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