Ring boy, flower girl who grew up and got married, give birth to preemie boy

(Photo courtesy Brooke Franklin)
(Photo courtesy Brooke Franklin)

PINEVILLE, NC (WBTV) - It's the kind of story people write books about: a little ring bearer boy who was forced to walk down the aisle with the flower girl at a family wedding grows up to marry her.

It could be called the story of Adrian and Brooke Franklin. The two met as children. They were part of a wedding party as kids. A wedding party Adrian wanted no part of.

"She had a crush on me, but she got on my nerves. I can remember that," Adrian told WBTV in 2015.

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As kids, Brooke might as well have had cooties in Adrian's eyes. As adults, Adrian's eyes saw nothing but Brooke.

"He had his family there and my whole family there. It was the best proposal ever," Brooke said.

Back when the two were married, WBTV did a story on the Gaston County couple. That story made its way around the globe, literally. Websites and news stations all over the world shared their beautiful love story.


Maybe people will be just as interested to know that story now has a brand new chapter, named Corbin.

"He's had some troubles and he's had some setbacks but he's making it," Adrian said from his son's room in the NICU at CMC in Pineville.

Corbin was born on March 21, a full six weeks too early. A few days before the birth, Brooke had severe preeclampsia and her blood pressure skyrocketed to near-stroke levels. The lives of Adrian's two greatest gifts were in jeopardy.

"It got more and more scary, and I was just thinking is she going to make it through? Is the baby going to make it through?" Adrian said, "I was just in a place of needing God to really show up."

Adrian is a pastor, as are his parents and grandfather. Brooke's parents are pastors too. The couple gives full credit to God for bringing them together. And now they give God the same credit for bringing their baby boy through a trying birth.

"There's no telling how many. From her family, my family, friends and church friends from all over. We've had so many people praying for us and supporting us. We're so thrilled and grateful that God's helping our little boy, and my wife," Adrian said.

Corbin is progressing more each day. He no longer requires oxygen or a C-PAP machine to help him breathe. Brooke is doing better too.

One day, little Corbin will get to grow up and watch the story of how his mom and dad fell in love with each other. Now, he'll also get to see the story of how they fell even more in love with him.

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