Learn more about the new Toyota Mirai!

Learn more about the new Toyota Mirai!
N Charlotte Toyota hybrid
N Charlotte Toyota hybrid
In our day to day life, we try to do things that stop harming the environment and benefit it instead. For example, we recycle plastics and papers, we use less water, and we reuse and repurpose items instead of throwing them away. In all of these efforts, we strive to stop putting such a strain on our resources and to help better the planet. As a company, Toyota wants to help do that same. With a goal to help protect the earth, Toyota has developed a hydrogen fuel cell car that produces ZERO emissions. This car that can drastically change the way we use fossil fuels is called the Toyota Mirai!

How does the Toyota Mirai work?

A lot of people are puzzled at the thought of hydrogen powering a vehicle – but it takes more than that! As a fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai uses hydrogen-filled tanks, oxygen intake from driving, a power control unit (PCU), a battery, an electric motor, and fuel cells. After years of careful science, engineering, and dedication to the environment, Toyota has produced the Toyota Mirai. In 2016, Toyota sold over 1,000 units and was the top-selling hydrogen car in the world.
Because the Toyota Mirai only produces water vapor, this car is great for the environment. It doesn’t require any fossil fuels to power it and it produces no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. While this new Toyota could totally change the way we affect the planet, it’s still going to be quite some time before this green car is available everywhere.
Right now, California is the only place where you can purchase a Toyota Mirai in the United States. This is because California has several dozen hydrogen filling stations whereas other places have very few to none. But that’s all changing! States all over the nation are adding more stations to accommodate green cars, including charging and hydrogen-filling.
It will take more than a couple of years to transition from combustion cars to hydrogen cars – but we’ve got to start somewhere, right?  The goal is to eventually wipe away the need for fossil fuels and the effect emissions have on the environment. 
Automakers like Toyota also have to work on changing the opinions and perceptions people have on hydrogen-powered vehicles. Typically, people are scared or skeptical because of the high pressure the hydrogen is kept under in the tanks. However, the Toyota Mirai has high-tech sensors that trigger shutoff valves in case of emergencies like a crash or collision. These shutoff valves prevent hydrogen from escaping from the tank.

Go green with a new Toyota near Charlotte

If you’re interested in helping the environment, you can do it without a Toyota Mirai! Our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte has a large selection of hybrid cars that produce fewer emissions than cars with regular gasoline engines. Some of our most popular N Charlotte Toyota hybrids include:
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