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VIDEO: Lava flows down side of Mount Etna

(CBS News) -

A long bright-red flow of lava moved down the side of Mount Etna Monday in the latest show put on by Europe's most active volcano.

Volcanologists have been studying the latest activity following a series of violent eruptions. The volcano sprung to life last month with repeated explosions that sent orange plumes of lava into the air.

Now the stream of lava is visible cascading down the mountain from 9,500 feet. It is flowing in a relatively narrow channel that has, for the moment, reached 7,545 feet further down the mountain.

On March 16, ten people were injured in a volcanic explosion that sent stones and rocks flying into the air. The explosion was the result of a so-called phreatomagmatic eruption, caused by magma hitting water - in this case snow.

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