VIDEO: Runner carries woman to finish line, helps her finish marathon

PHILADELPHIA (WBTV) - A group of runners is being hailed as heroes after they helped a fellow runner make it across the finish line in Sunday's Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon.

FOX 29 News caught the moment on camera, just about 100 yards shy of the finish line.

A 21-year-old woman from New Holland, PA appeared to be fatigued from the race and was falling to her knees. That's when two runners stopped and helped her up and started to run with her to the finish line. One of those men was later identified as Bryan Crnkovic.

As the pair was helping the woman, another runner - Joseph McGinty - returned to the group and picked the woman up.

He ran with her in his arms until they got steps from the finish line.  That's when they put the woman down and helped her finish the race on her own two legs.

McGinty and Crnkovic appeared on FOX 29 Monday morning and was asked why they stopped.

They said slowing down to help during the race wasn't a big deal for them - and just made sense. They weren't trying to beat any records. For them, it was simply another day of running, saying they run around that area every weekend.

After they crossed the finish line the group was asked if the woman needed medical attention and they said 'yes.' A wheelchair was brought over for the woman and the men just walked away.

Later, Crnkovic said his cousin called and told him he was all over the news and Facebook for his actions.

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