FIRST ALERT: Timing out rain, storms on Regional First Alert Day

FIRST ALERT: Timing out rain, storms on Regional First Alert Day

Rain continues to overspread through the mountains this morning, and there may be heavier pockets at times from mid-morning through early on this afternoon.

As we've been emphasizing over the last few days, the wet weather generally holds in the mountains and foothills through the early afternoon. From the I-77 corridor east, the first half of the day is dry, and there may even be some breaks in the clouds at times (as depicted by the first future radar image valid at 11 a.m.).

By later in the afternoon, a few storms will become possible. Futurecast at 3 p.m. (second image) shows a line of heavier showers and (possibly) a few storms extending from about Boone through Lenoir, Hickory, Shelby, and just west of Rock Hill.

Conditions for thunderstorms today will depend on how much sun we see during the first half of the day. If the 77 corridor/east sees more sun during the first half of the day, this line of storms could survive into that area towards evening. If not, it would likely weaken and fall apart upon moving east. Even if it does survive, we are not expecting severe weather today.

Either way, it does look like at the very least isolated showers and at the very most scattered storms will eventually work their way down into the Piedmont by later on this evening.

The last image, valid at 6 p.m., shows wet weather along and east of 77. Again, how heavy these showers will be and if they're able to produce thunder/lightning will depend on earlier daytime heating.

Beyond that, isolated showers remain possible through the evening, and possibly even through the night for some areas. This will set us up for an unsettled week ahead which starts first thing Monday morning.

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