Mint Hill neighbors say fire hydrants needed after massive blaze

Mint Hill neighbors say fire hydrants needed after massive blaze

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - A Mint Hill family is without a home after a massive fire Friday night. Neighbors said the damage to the home could have been minimized if one of their long-time concerns had been addressed.

Neighbors told WBTV there are no fire hydrants in their neighborhood.

The fire happened around 8 Friday night at a home on Saffir Court.

According to fire officials at the scene, the closest fire hydrant was almost a mile away.

"We watched them set up the portable water container, fill it up time after time, and wait for more water to come," said Carol Huss, who lives close to the house that caught fire.

Her husband, Mike Huss, said that watching fire crews struggle to contain the blaze because of the lack of fire hydrants makes him worried because his home could be next.

"That was just unbelievable watching that last night, what happened. And it can happen again actually," Huss said.

Because the closest fire hydrant was so far away, fire trucks had to rotate fighting the fire and going to refill their water supply. Firefighters had to be pulled back a few times while the water supply was getting stabilized.

This has become a growing concern among neighbors.

Sharon Decker, the neighborhood homeowner's association president, said ever since Charlotte Water was installed in the community, they have been asking for fire hydrants.

"What we were told is that a few months down the road, they're going to put our fire hydrants in. Well, that's been over a year," Decker said.

A Charlotte Water official said he cannot comment on this fire hydrant situation but may be able to do so Monday.

In the meantime, neighbors said they are left hoping they don't experience a fire like this, and the loss of their home.

"The firefighters absolutely did what they could do. Not having a water hydrant there is out of their control," Decker said.

Investigators are still working on finding the cause of the fire, but say it may be tough to even do that because of how much damage was done.

The family that lived in the destroyed home did not want to talk.

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